Hi TS… we’re back!!!

Seperti janji kami sebelumnya sistem perpointan di web tau-data ini akan terus di update… step by step


Here we’re to know what we have and have not to do to get/lost some point or we call it by credits…

I’ll show you point list yang sudah tersedia sekarang…

No Category Point Type Limit
1 Register to website 100 Credits 1 times
2 Comment on a post 20 Credits 4 times/week
3 Visit Artikel 5 Credits 1 time/day
4 Reply to a topic 15 Credits 4 times/week
5 Watch a specific video 20 Credits 1 time/day
6 Reach a rank 100 Credits
every reach a rank
7 Get a comment marked as spam -15 Credits 3 times/day
8 Credits for delete a reply 1 time (limited to 1 per day) -5 Credits 1 time/day
9 Complete a quiz with a minimum percent grade 30 Course Credits
10 Complere a topic 10 Course Credits
11 Fail a quiz -10 Course Credits


Yuk TS sekalian… kita kumpulkan pointnya dan dapatkan special offer di masa mendatang dengan point yang dikumpulkan :).