Core Modules (CM)

Core Modules taudata Indonesia
Core Modules taudata Indonesia

The user will learn core skills as they mastered the core modules. These core skills will make the “why” questions in the EMs much easier to understand. In other words, the fundamental understanding in CMs is one of the key factors to understand not only the strengths and weakness in advanced models but also even to extend the models in to a novel approach to solve a more challenging/complex data challenges in the future. In short, CMs are the basic must-have skills for data professionals.

Some of the topics in the core modules includes discussions on the ever-evolving challenges in DA/DS roles in introduction to data science and big data module, best practices in programming for data science in foundations of algorithms and data structures module, and how linear models becomes the foundation of most advanced data science models in (general) linear models module. Modules in CM category is as followings:

  1. Pendahuluan Data Science dan Big Data (DSBD).
  2. Foundations of Algorithms, Data Structures, and Programming (ADSP)
  3. Mathematical Foundation for Data Science (MFDS)
  4. Statistical Foundation for Data Science (SFDS)
  5. Pendahuluan Basis Data untuk Data Science (BDDS)
  6. Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
  7. Pendahuluan Soft Skills untuk Data Professional (SSDP)
  8. Generalized Linear Model (GLM)